Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Have Lost Everything...

And we're not alone. There are many others out there like us, and many more still struggling along without answers and without realizing.

Which I believe is the same as this family. So much of their story is similar to ours:

I'll keep adding more links and information as I find it. Today is a particularly bad day health wise: my eyes are on fire and I have sharp shooting pains behind them and whenever I move them, look to the side, or blink. My legs are shaky and tingly and numb, the muscles feel worn out as if I'd run a marathon yesterday, yet I've done no exercise recently. I'm starting to have the brain fog that makes it hard to write, hence how I'm starting to rely on links and other people's words to say what's going on.

All of the toxic mold posts on this blog say it as good or better than I could, feel free to peruse and learn what a toxic mold nightmare feels like.

Looks like the fourth move is not going to be the charm. It's because of how much stuff my husband brought to the garage from the original moldy house. I wish we wouldn't have made that mistake in the line of so many others.

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