Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So sad today....

Okay, my words aren't adequate today. I'm having a "mold moment" as we've come to call them. My eyes hurt so bad I can't think, and my children's eyes are red and inflamed and "on fire!" as the youngest explains it. So, I'm sad. We have moved from the original mold house, to a vacation home, to another house that turned out to be moldy as well, to this one. We made the mistake of hanging onto some keepsakes and valuables that we were storing in the garage, and have since moved to a storage unit, but the residual mold is really affecting us. It is unbelievable what a small amount can affect you once you've been sensitized by months of exposure. This is just not fair.

So, I have to link to someone else's words today because mine are inadequate. But this blog explains so clearly and succinctly what it's like, that I have to give props.

Start here for tons of links and information:

And check out this one for tons of good info and the closest approximation to what we are going through that I have found:

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