Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So I'm writing a lot, several blog posts a day sometimes, because right now I seem to be able to find some words and have enough mental clarity to put them together at least semi-coherently. Since the mold exposure I don't always have that capability so I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts. I want everything to be documented while I can, in case I ever get to a point where I can't document it anymore and can't get that ability back.

I know a lot of what happened won't make sense to people. I certainly wouldn't have understood it before experiencing it firsthand. I never had any idea that mold was capable of all this, and I certainly took my time in accepting what was going on. It is incredulous indeed, and I even thought as I started to research it, that these "mold people" were crazy, and that wasn't me. But as we moved and moved again, I began to realize that it wasn't crazy. Something was going on. It wasn't enough to simply get away from the initial exposure. These tiny molecules of toxin were embedded in our belongings and no amount of cleaning seemed to eliminate them entirely. And our sensitivity to increasingly smaller and smaller amounts was increasing, meaning that even as we moved and got rid of stuff and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned again, it was never enough, because our sensitivity was increasingly exponentially all the time.

At least we weren't alone. My research uncovered countless people who suffer, and every story is different. Every physiological reaction is individual and complex, making it so hard for doctors to treat and understand this illness.

Here are some celebs who have experienced the same thing:
Shemane Nugent, wife of Ted Nugent, her entire family lost everything due to mold exposure. Fortunately they're celebrities so it's a little easier for them to get away and replace everything, than it is for me, the average working class person.

Brittany Murphy, who famously died a few years ago due to chronic pneumonia, and mysteriously her husband died only a few months later from the same thing...turns out toxic mold was a factor in their illness and death. It's interesting that they both died of identical causes, "pneumonia and anemia" when they were a male and female with different physiological structures and conditions, yet died of identical causes within months of each other, clearly indicating environmental causes.

Suzanne Somers moved into a leased rental following her house burning down and became ill from toxic mold exposure.

Ed McMahon lost his dog to toxic mold exposure and he and his wife lost their homes and were made ill.

So, we're not alone, but fortunately for the people in these stories they were celebrities with the funds and means to leave the mold behind and replace and rebuild their lives. I don't have the means to completely get away, and I'm starting to fear that just like Brittany Murphy, it may kill me and my children. We have tried everything, at great expense that we can't afford, and still there it enough residual mold in the air and in our home to kill us.

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