Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's just not fair...

So much of this rings true....


The night fevers, my older daughter had those. She would become burning hot at night with high fevers, over 104 degrees, only to seem fine by the time the morning came. Of course doctors thought we were crazy, until they measured the fevers themselves that then subsequently disappeared.

And doctors not understanding, thinking it's all in your head because it doesn't make sense. My own husband kept saying, maybe you need "help," meaning maybe you need to see a fucking shrink. You're crazy!

Rashes, confusion, tiredness, oh so very tired, all the time. Eyes burning and in pain, feeling like they're going to explode, or implode, so much pain. Too hard to concentrate with that amount of eye pain.

Why, why us? When everyone else can move on with their lives and live happily and in peace and comfort, why do we have to suffer and have it never end?

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