Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lost Health

So few people, doctors included understand the very dangerous toxin that toxic molds are. Here are some of the health effects that we experienced, followed by some links to sites that document these concerns.

Our primary troubles have been with our eyes. This is the damage that seems to be permanent and hasn't gone away even though we removed ourselves from the original moldy environment and have since shed ourselves of most of our personal belongings. I still hold out hope that if I can find the right treatment or remove ourselves with a complete break from all belongings (as in literally just the clothes on our back which would then be shed in a hotel room somewhere after buying new clothes) and then start over completely from scratch, that our eyes will heal to pre-mold levels. But I also fear that that may not be possible anymore. I just don't know.

Eye troubles: constant redness and inflammation, burning sensation like soap in the eyes, pain behind the eye ball like pricks and pins, sharp pain with movement of the eye in the muscles behind the lids, near constant eye pain and burning, blurry vision.

Skin rashes, itchy and painful.


Brain fog, and confusion. Trouble with finding words and remembering things. Not just me, my younger daughter started calling leopards, her favorite animal, leprechauns. And asking what presents she might get for Thanksgiving this year. My older daughter started having trouble with math and difficulty recalling facts when she used to be a highly advanced student reading at an 11th grade level in the 2nd grade. I used to write for a living, but began having so much trouble composing coherent sentences and recalling even the simplest words, that it obviously made writing for pay impossible.


Balance issues

General feelings of malaise and discomfort. This was exhibited as well by my older daughter who would frequently groan and whimper and when asked what was wrong, be unable to articulate exactly what was going on.

Inability to draw a full breath, a feeling of heaviness in the lungs and chest. Shortness of breath.

Constant diarrhea, independent of dietary changes and without any discernible medical cause. Experienced only by my husband and younger daughter.

Lack of ability to concentrate.

Depression, which also could easily be caused by the extreme difficulty of our situation: loss of health, loss of finances, lack of finances to fix the situation, family and friends who don't believe you or understand what's going on, loss of community forced by moving, loss of school and friends from moving, the list of things that can cause depression go on and on. But it is also medically documented that mold can cause neurological symptoms including depression which can compound the feelings of hopelessness caused by the situation.

Anxiety, see above.

Insomnia, again see above. Could be medically caused, could just be how shitty awful our situation was.

Hearing loss. I had a cold that was so bad, it plugged up my right ear to the point I couldn't hear at all. 3 rounds of antibiotics failed to clear up hearing in that ear, much to the confusion of my doctor and ENT who couldn't understand why the antibiotics weren't helping. I'm no medical professional, but hmmm, maybe because you're targeting a fungus with a drug designed only to kill bacteria. Call me crazy.

Loss of tolerance to chemicals. I thought I was losing my mind because after moving from the original moldy house and most of our symptoms went away, my eyes still burned not only when sorting through our moldy possessions, but when pumping gas, cleaning with bleach, or walking by the laundry aisle at Walmart. Turns out mold-induced loss of tolerance is a real thing.

Reduced immunity. Even after we left the moldy house and stopped getting the really bad recurring colds and sinus infections and ear aches, we still kept getting colds with alarming frequency. I believe due to our immune systems being depressed due to the mold.


Blotchy, dry skin, in addition to the rashes.

Feeling of pressure in the head, not due to a headache, just a weird swimmy, pressure feeling. Hard to describe, but it comes when I have to sort through our moldy possessions and goes away about a day after being away from them.

Burning feeling in the nose, stuffiness, nose running.

Sore throat.

Hair loss.


Sunken eyes, dark circles under the eyes.

Sores that take a long time to heal.

Behavior changes, particularly in my children who went from being sweet little girls who were mostly kind and had only the occasional spat of sibling rivalry, to literal little monsters who fought constantly over the littlest thing, threw tantrums, and were just generally ill behaved and emotional.

All of these were experienced directly by my family, who prior to living in that moldy house had zero health problems of any kind. I had a perfectly healthy family, who is now riddled with sensitivities and problems.

Now many people, doctors included, believe that the only symptoms due to mold are allergy symptoms. After trial and error, numerous allergy tests on all of us, and much research, I know that this is not the case. Not a single one of us has any allergic reaction to any of the over 200 species of mold that they test for. We have all been tested and not a single test has come up positive. All of our reactions are toxic, not allergic reactions. Allergic reactions in general are more of an annoyance than life crippling and altering. And they can be relieved with allergy medications and steroids, both of which did nothing to help us.

I wish they did. We would have experienced some level of relief by now.


These are just some of the most comprehensive links. To the side are some of the same and compilations of more. Mold allergy symptoms are not the same.

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